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How To Use A Neptonics Speargun Trigger Jig

How To Use A Neptonics Speargun Trigger Jig

How To Use A Neptonics Speargun Trigger Jig

When you build your own speargun, getting the trigger mechanism alignment right is critical to the final functionality of the gun. If the alignment is off you could risk misfires or trouble getting the mech to engage at all, and once you've already drilled your holes it becomes very difficult to re-drill them and re-cut the mech pocket. Cutting the mech pocket and drilling the holes for the mech is always a tedious process, but it is made easier by the Neptonics Speargun Trigger Mech Jigs. The Neptonics Speargun Trigger Jigs are simple and easy to use. Each Neptonics Trigger Mech has its own jig that gives the perfect measurements for our mechs. These measurements are for the retaining pins, line release slots, and line release pins. 


How To Align the Retaining Pins and Line Release Slot

The retaining pin holes line up when the jig is flush with the top of the trigger mech. The trigger jig also needs to line up flush with the front of the trigger. The best method to do this is to get your spear shaft in your track and engaged in the trigger mech. This ensures the trigger mech is in the right placement for the jig. From there, you can line up your jig on the mech and mark where you need to drill. At this point, the line release slot is also ready to be marked. You can either use a drill or a router table to complete the line release slot.


How to Align the Line Release Pin

To set the line release pin, you need to determine the width of your speargun blank. If the blank is narrower than two (2) inches use the “-2.00” line release pin hole. If the blank is in excess of two (2) inches, like most big bluewater spearguns, you may need to use the “2.00” line release pin hole on the jig. Most spearguns, however, are narrower than two inches. 

From there, you need to line up the jig with the side of the right side of the trigger mech, flush with the front of the mech. That will help you determine the correct placement of the line release pin hole. 

For further clarification you should watch this video.
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