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How To Video Series - Part 1 - Laying Out Your Speargun

How To Video Series - Part 1 - Laying Out Your Speargun

Below is a quick video that walks you through the first steps to laying out your mid-handle speargun. This process starts once you have finished your wood blank. Laying out your speargun is a critical part of speargun building.

Planning out your speargun is a complicated process when you are starting out.  Base you first build off a speargun you admire. Make changes where you think improvements can be made. Do not overcomplicate your first build. As you decide to build more spearguns you may be interested in more complicated designs.

Some of the components you will need to properly plan your speargun are the Trigger Mech, Line Anchor, Handle, Universal Safety, and Push Rod.You will want to also purchase a Trigger Mech Jig. Purchase your components ahead of time to get exact measurements as you plan your speargun.

Speargun building goes smother when you work as perkily as possible. Plan your cuts in advance with pencil. When. using a router make sure you use jigs and tape to make precise cuts.  Move your fence as little as possible in the process for centerline cuts.

Here is a site with some helpful woodworking tips for beginners. If you have limited experience you should build some familiarity.  Take a class at a local woodworking school.

The rest of this series will take you from the planning stages to a completely ballasted mid-handle speargun.  Woodworking can be its own joy, but the experience of building your own speargun and using it to harvest your own food takes your hobby to another level. Take your time and enjoy the process.

Use a piece of scrap wood initially to prevent expensive mistakes on woods like teak or mahogany.

When you are happy with the location of the key components and marked their location the next step is finding the center of your blank.

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