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Building A Re-Rig Kit for Speargun Rigging

Building A Re-Rig Kit for Speargun Rigging

Building a Re-Rig Kit

Speargun rigging is an important part of being prepared. Even though we frequently try to have as much equipment prepared for a spearfishing trip ahead of time, a Re-Rig Kit is still an important bit of gear to assemble. I have yet to be on a spearfishing trip where someone in the group doesn’t need to have some piece of equipment adjusted or assembled either on the on the way to the first spot on the boat, in a hotel room the night before, or any time in between. An important consideration when building out your kit is to make it work for you and your dive group while keeping in mind the conditions you may be diving in.

The Neptonics Tri-Fold Rigging Bag is an extraordinarily useful tool to help keep your Re-Rig Kit organized.  It is a great based on which to build out the rest of your kit.  From there you will want to have a couple other things to make sure your trip goes smoothly. 


Shooting Line

Whatever type of shooting line you have, you should bring extra. Whether it is spectra, monofilament, or cable, you will want to make sure you have enough to rig another spear shaft (or two, three, four depending on how long you'll be out for). You will also want any piece or equipment you may need to secure the line to the spear shaft and your other rigging. For monofilament and cable, you will need a crimping tool as well as the proper sized crimps for your shooting line.



You may want to pack a spare set of bands for whatever type of speargun you are using. If you know how to tie your own bands, this may involve bringing some cinch knot cord and an insertion tool.  If tying your own bands is not one of your skill sets, you will want to bring a pair of pre-made bands with removable loops, if your speargun requires them.  A lighter for burning the ends of any knots or treating the inside of your mask is also helpful.  



Other pieces of equipment you may want to bring along are based on your own spearfishing rigs.  If you have a reel on your speargun, you may want to have a spare swivel for if your reel line gets cut.  If you are using a floatline and break away set up, you may want to bring a spare break away in case yours is damaged. You may also want to bring a spare tuna clip or two for your floatline in case your hardware starts to show signs of rust or stress.  



If you are hunting Blue Water and using a slip-tip you may want to bring a spare slip-tip (or two), and a cable or spectra replacement kit for if your slip-tip gets damaged or lost.  

Just remember, when building out your re-rig kit you need to keep in mind that your rigging is consistently working in a challenging environment and it deteriorates with time.  Salt rusts or corrodes metal, weakens spectra, and tangles other lines.  Be ready with new gear that will, at a minimum, make your trip a success.


Here are some recommendations for components to include for different kinds of spearfishing.

All Spearfishing: 

    • Tri-Fold Rigging Bag

    • Insertion Tool

    • Cinch Knot Cord

    • Wishbones

    • Band Materials

    • Pre-made Bands with Removable Loops

    • Crimping Tool and Crimps

    • Shooting Line


    • Snap or Cork-Screw Swivels

    • Extra shaft


    • Tuna Clips

    • Break-Away Adaptors

    • Slip-Tips

    • Splicing Kit
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