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Dive Lights - Why You Need One In Your Dive Bag

Dive Lights - Why You Need One In Your Dive Bag


Dive lights are an infinitely valuable tool for all divers. When it really comes down to it, lights help put fish and crustaceans in the boat. They can also be helpful above water on the boat or any situation where you might need a little light. Some lights can be stored out of the way with a holster that fits easily on your weight belt or BC strap.


Dive Lights In the Water

Most reef fish will attempt to hide inside structure. Before we even peer inside the structure, we lose a lot of light as we dive deeper in the water. This loss of light is compounded more when we are looking into a cave, deep ledge, or wreck. A powerful dive light can be the difference between shooting your fish and having no idea it is in the structure. Some divers will lay their light pointing into a hole they know a fish is hiding in, come back to the surface and use the light as a marker to make a better dive later and shoot the fish. 

Dive lights are essential equipment to successfully land lobsters or ‘crayfish’. These tasty crustaceans are almost exclusively harvested under ledges or in holes. Lights significantly help find the lobster, as well as identify any hazards you might run into while harvesting them. 


Lights Out of the Water

Many dive lights are useful as regular flashlights outside the water. There are a million useful situations for flashlights. You can also use a light while setting your gear up before an early morning shore dive, or when looking for an essential piece of gear you dropped in a storage compartment on a buddy’s boat.

You may need to be careful with some dive lights out of the water. Some models require water to cool the light, or the flashlight can overheat and damage the light. If you feel your light starting to get warm in your hand, it may be time to turn it off for a bit. You can also throw it in a bucket of water.
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