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How To Rig Bluewater Roller Speargun to Breakaway

How To Rig Bluewater Roller Speargun to Breakaway


Roller Speargun Basics

The biggest difference between rollers and conventional spearguns is the bands. Roller spearguns have the bands start underneath the speargun and move up to the muzzle. The bands have to have tension while at the muzzle to work properly. This is called pre-tension. It allows the spear to accelerate the entire length of the speargun. It also allows for more total band stretch. We tension the bands on our own Neptonics double roller to be pre-tensioned at 10%-20%. All of these things put together result in increased range and penetration in the water.


Shooting Line

Spectra is the best shooting line for roller spearguns because of the shape of most roller heads. Shooting line flexibility is important to prevent entanglement on the roller muzzle. We always tie our spectra on with a double figure eight knot because it is the strongest knot for keeping line strength. The weakest part of any line is going to be the knot or splice, so you need to try and use the strongest knots you can. 

Because the distance these bands are pulled is longer, the range of these spearguns increase. That means we need longer shooting line than a comparable speargun. Three wraps of shooting line to a double roller speargun does the trick. Two and a half wraps works fine if you have it rigged to a bluewater reel.


Floatline Breakaway Adapter

The Floatline breakaway adapter is our preferred method of connecting our shooting line to a floatline. We use a double figure eight on the end of spectra to make a good connecting loop. These floatline adapters are durable and reliable connection points that are easy to use. They also  make for the quickest way to change out shafts on your bluewater system when you bend your shaft on a large fish.
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