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Keeping the Boat Organized and Safe on Dive Trips

Keeping the Boat Organized and Safe on Dive Trips

Keeping the Boat Organized and Safe on Dive Trips

It does not matter how big of a boat you have, dive trips always turn it into a mess of gear all over the deck. There is no way around it, it is just a reality of diving. The best thing to do is to have a plan and try and keep everyone organized as best you can. Here are some ideas for keeping the boat organized and safe on dive trips.

 Gear Bags for Keeping the Boat Organized

Gear bags are one of the most underrated components of keeping your equipment organized. Bags can range from a quality fin bag that has some extra storage for other equipment, to a solid duffle bag that can hold all of your gear plus a spare of everything. Finally, there are speargun bags that are designed for travel, keeping your gear protected and organized through bumpy boat or plane rides. All of these bags have different benefits based off of the type of diving you are doing. If you are going out on a buddy's center console, where storage is limited, try and keep your gear simple. Bring a bag that breaks down and can be put in a small space once you have your gear in the boat. 

Speargun Racks

One of the best investment you can add to your own boat is a speargun rack. These tend to be available in two varieties: horizontal and vertical. The vertical racks work well if you have the space to safely add them to your boat. Horizontal racks have the benefit of being able to be placed under a boat’s gunnels. They can additionally hold fishing rods if that is also a hobby of yours. Having proper storage dramatically reduces the chance of injury from just laying the spearguns on the deck. If you have spent enough time spearing on boats, you have probably kicked a spear shaft laying on a boat deck. Needless to say, it messes up your day immediately. 


Baskets and Buckets

For bluewater spearfishing, baskets or buckets change the game on gear storage. They still take up a bunch of deck space. but baskets keep floatlines and floats organized and easy to deploy. If you’ve ever been on a boat with a bunch of people using floatlines, it turns into a tangled mess. Baskets go a long way in keeping the boat organized.
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