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The Secret to Landing Big Fish Spearfishing!

The Secret to Landing Big Fish Spearfishing!

Figuring out tactics for successfully landing impressive trophy fish spearfishing is what keeps all beginner divers up at night. The core principle, though seemingly straightforward, revolves around a meticulous approach to your equipment, where the finer aspects truly count. Every knot, crimp, and connection is a potential point of failure that has to be closely examined. 


Regular Trips

Even on uncomplicated trips out of your home waters, careful rigging lays the groundwork. Ensuring the durability of your bands' wishbones and safeguarding rubber components against dry-rot is imperative. Making sure your shaft is straight and having extras is key to hitting your shots and staying out all day. Precisely situating the slip-tip on its base holds significance. Likewise, ensuring cables remain free of kinks and spectra exhibits no signs of fraying is pivotal. While these particulars might appear trivial when targeting common fish species like sheepshead, calico bass, hogfish, or mangrove snapper, they gain importance when facing those big boys. Failing to adhere to these equipment standards could lead to gear breakdown when you finally get that big 50+ pound white sea bass or a monster cobia. Make sure your gear can handle the fish you're hoping to see, not just the fish you've seen.



Bluewater spearfishing necessitates a more comprehensive approach. Check everything, then check everything again! Thorough inspections are non-negotiable, followed by re-checks for added assurance. For cable-based shooting lines, freshness and dual crimps are industry standard. If you do use dyneema or spectra, it has to be untarnished and devoid of tears, abrasions, or extensive UV exposure. Slip-tips, whether in conjunction with spectra or cable, must be in pristine condition, mirroring the state of the shooting line. Similarly, vigilance regarding the functionality of tuna clips and swivels are vital, given their tendency to wear over time. 

Bluewater fish are so monstrously powerful that it's hard to really believe it until you've got one on the end of your shooting line. The raw strength of these less common, big fish (wahoo and yellowfin tuna, bluefin tuna, dogtooth tuna, and marlin) defies belief until experienced. These fish take off with lightning speed and the fight can last two hours or more. Any weak point within your gear will be exposed, and they will turn into points of failure and lost fish. Overlooking the importance of equipment maintenance will inevitably lead to recounting stories of the one that got away.

Don't let that be you! Come to us at Neptonics for expert advice and spearfishing equipment.

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