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Throw Flashers: How to Use Them and How They Help Land Fish

Throw Flashers: How to Use Them and How They Help Land Fish

Throw Flashers: How to Use Them and How They Help Land Fish

A throw flasher is a simple, inexpensive, and easy method of attracting fish. The biggest benefit to throw flashers over other methods of fish attraction is that they are easy to keep them tucked into your weight belt for if you should need them. Additionally, you are able to place them precisely where you want them, as long as it is within throwing distance.



Throw flashers can have varied designs to help them fall through the water with more or less motion. Most are a simple PVC pipe covered with reflective tape, but some are flat or irregularly shaped so that they flutter as they fall. They can also be designed with items to speed up or slow down the rate they sink. A piece of band rubber attached to a flasher makes it sink slower. Some throw flashers are designed to have multiple flat surfaces facing different directions so light can reflect off of them in multiple directions. Throw flashers are usually designed to mimic bait fish scales in a bait ball in order to attract predatory fish to what is thought to be a potential meal.


Bluewater Use

Like most flashers, throw flashers are most commonly used in bluewater spearfishing. When floating in the oceanic desert that bluewater spearfishing can be, it certainly helps to make your own oasis. A throw flasher can be just that edge you need to help bring fish in while drifting through the abyss. They work even better when used in combination with a flasher float and some kind of flasher rig. In order to avoid spooking a fish, it is best to throw your flasher to intercept a fish, but not directly at it.


Throw Flashers on the Reef

While they were not initially designed to be used on reefs and other shallower structure, flashers certainly can be used to get the attention of some fish species. Snappers, grouper, and other predatory species can be entranced by a throw flasher from time to time, but it is difficult to use them to bring fish off of structure unless you're diving very deep reef or wrecks. Any fish that has a predatory instinct and eats small bait fish has a tendency to be interested and attracted to throw flashers. On the reef, you can simply hold the throw flasher in your hand and reflect light at fish to get their interest. 

See a video of them in action here.http://
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