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Noob Spearo Podcast #2

Noob Spearo Podcast #2

Interview about Travel Spearfishing with Jerry Guerra

Today’s interview is with Jerry Guerra and it’s all about travel spearfishing. Ever watch a Daniel Mann video and think to yourself: “I want to travel to other countries and spearfish”? Maybe you’ve seen films like David Ochoa makes about his trips around the world filming the fish up close and personal. Or maybe you just listened to the previous episode about Palapas Ventana, traveling and spearfishing were made to go together! Doing your first big trip can be a logistical and planning exercise in patience, you don’t want to get to your dream destination and not have your fins or speargun! Jerry gives some great Noob tips on doing spearfishing trips, advice for international travel, navigating airports with spearguns, packing, charters and so much more! Check out the podcast here at



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