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Josh Gregory

The creator and founder of Neptonic Systems Josh Gregory, mechanic/ engineer/ freediver and experienced spearo has been kept busy and motivated creating his brand for over 15 years. Here is a little bit of his story…..

I started spearfishing when I was sixteen. A friend of mine had just graduated high school and was lucky enough to receive a scientific collection permit from the California Department of Fish and Game. This meant he could legally collect specimens for Universities, Laboratories and Aquariums. He got an order for a few dozen live Sculpins and asked me to help him out. I bought a snorkel to accompany my old surf suit and some cheap boogie board fins and I was hooked. I couldn’t believe how beautiful and mesmerizing the underwater world was.  A few weeks later I bought my first pole spear and the hunt was on. I still remember my first attempt with the pole spear, I hiked down to a Greyhound Rock north of Santa Cruz and spent 3 hours chasing a single surf perch around the shallows. He stayed a few feet out of range the entire time but he always stayed in view. Looking back I am sure it was a game for him.

Throughout High School I took metal shop and wood shop class and made several trigger mechs, handles, pushrods etc at a time when there was no forums to look to for advice etc. Once I had a design down I made a dozen spear guns experimenting with different aspects and arrangements.

Over the next few years I did Fusion, Laser and Plasma Research for and with the National Laboratories, LLNL, LockHeed Martin, DOD,DOE, EEO. I have co-authored several papers on fusion with silica aerogels, ICF Targets, ABL Air Borne Lasers and have gotten some very impressive results when these designs went to the Naval Weapons Research Laboratories.

How this relates to Spearfishing???

Well a friend of mine had three sons and wanted to build them spear guns and take them to Mexico. He couldn’t find spear gun parts anywhere and asked me if I would design the mechanisms, handles. muzzles, etc. I proceeded to make prototypes and the rest is history. Neptonic Systems started out slow but it eventually became busy enough that I had to quit my day job working for the government and make a tremendous leap of faith into Neptonics becoming successful.

In 2011 I opened my first work shop in Santa Cruz, California. Here I work close with a small team helping in production of the latest gear. The workshop has a display and open to the public showroom which I am often told is a “ Candy Store “ that wives should not know about! This is open to all our customers and an invite is not needed if any of you are over California way.

Over the years I have thrived on being underwater, spearfishing and free diving in some of the most incredible locations. I have speared with many top class divers and met amazing people along the way. I have been involved in the production of fishing shows in front and behind the camera, which have been lifetime experiences. There is nothing that drives me more than to get back from a trip with a fistful of ideas to fabricate and make happen. I believe my inventions have a shaped a unique way we spearfish and I am proud to have started the “make your own spear gun” scene into a growing interest for new and experienced hunters.

You will see many of the Neptonics Systems designs on your favourite Spear Guns. Sea Sniper, Hayaari, Death Stick, Ace, Andre, Ulusub, Big Daddy, Kes, Hatch, Kudana, Koah and Herranen just to name a few. This is most rewarding for myself to see my products used by these great Spear Gun brands that suite a wide range of personal style, preference and dive locations.

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