Lobster Diving Gear | High-Quality Lobster Diving Equipment

Here at Neptonics we make sure to stock all the latest lobster diving gear. We have all the essentials like flashlights, belts, dive bags, lobster gauges, kelp clips, and snares. No mater where in the world you are targeting your lobster , or Crayfish, we have what you need to get them! 

Get the right light for spotting the lobsters under their structure. You can even get the gauge to to attach to your light for keeping your equipment streamline and efficient! 

Don’t forget to get your float and flag to keep boat aware of you diving! You can also keep all your gear neatly organized in your float. Get a god lobster catch bag as well! Having the right catch bag can be the difference between keeping your lobster, and it slipping away out of your hands!

Lobstering is a great method of harvesting delicious creatures from the sea all over the world. Make sure you are properly equipped to get your next lobster today! Check out all of our amazing lobstering gear here.

We even have a new spearfishing apparel range full of stylish designs for you to show off your love for spearfishing while out of the water!

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