Spearfishing Accessories

Our spearfishing accessories section is full of all the accessories you need to make your spearfishing and diving easier and more enjoyable! We have a huge range of diving accessories including speargun covers, dive bags and backpacks to keep your spearfishing equipment safe, dive torches to improve visibility and dive watches so you can monitor your current depth and time spent underwater! We also stock speargun accessories to improve your spear gunning experience like crimping tools & crimping kits, floatline clutches, mono lines and kelp clips, along with flashers & fish rattles to help you attract fish and even certified scales so you can weigh your catch! If you are looking for a new experience you can try out GoPro mounts and grips allowing you to safely take your GoPro or other underwater camera with you into the water and shoot some amazing footage of your spear hunting & diving!

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