Spearfishing Floats, Floatlines & Reels

Our choice of Spearfishing Floats, Floatlines & Reels is the best around, it is so extensive we would be surprised if there was a dive float, spearfishing floatline or fishing reel that you needed that we didn’t stock! Our choice of spearfishing floats includes much loved brands like Spearmaster, Riffe, Ocean Hunter & Rob Allen these spearfishing brands know the importance of having a highly dependable float which can produce suitable buoyancy levels at high depths and are designed to give maximum visibility for other divers and nearby ships to keep you safe! At Neptonics we not only produce our own range of high quality floatlines but we also stock floatlines from trust worthy brands like Riffe also have a great range of float lines from trustworthy brands like Red Tide & Riffe, we even offer you the ability to build your own floatline for the ultimate personalized spearfishing experience! We even stock the best quality reels available on the market, most of which we have used ourselves to guarantee their quality, we stock reel brackets and reel lines including the spectra reel line which offers an unmatchable level of quality letting you reel in even the largest of fish! Whether you are spearfishing in coral, rocks or wrecks Neptonics has the spearfishing equipment required to succeed!

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