Spearfishing Weight Belts, Dive Lights & Knives

At Neptonics we understand the need for having all of your spearfishing and free diving equipment in a secure, easy to reach place. That is why we stock a range of spearfishing weight belts, dive lights and knifes! All of our dive lights, knifes & pinch weights can be easily attached to our weight belts giving you a no hassle freediving and spearfishing experience! All of our products are designed to be used by spearfishers and are durable enough to be able to withstand the demanding conditions that spearfishers encounter!

Our weight belts fit all waist sizes, are soft and easy to adjust making them suitable for long periods of time. With a wide range of options we have the perfect spearfishing weight belt for whatever type of diving or budget you have. We have the popular Marseilles style belts, as well a quick release style weight belts. Our dive weights are designed to be quickly added to your belt while being strong enough to withstand a lifetime of use in diving environments.

You can quickly attach one of our spearfishing knifes and dive lights to your belt to free up your hands to focus on catching those spearfish, lobsters and abalone! All of our dive knives are designed to be secured onto a weight belt, or have adaptors available to easily fit on a dive belt. We offer served easy clip on points and pouches to keep all of your equipment organized and safe. That means keeping you from getting tangled as well as keeping your dive gear from getting damaged or lost!

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