Spearfishing Wetsuits

Neptonics offers several different wetsuit options. We offer our own brand of wetsuit in multiple camouflage patterns, as well as Riffe, Salvimar, and Wiahana wetsuits. This range of wetsuits gives us the opportunity to stock the highest quality wetsuits on the market as well as other great suits, and some lower price options. Stay warm in any dive environment on any budget. So take a look at our fantastic range of spearfishing wetsuits! All of these high quality wetsuits are designed by spearfishers for spearfishers so you know you are getting the perfect wetsuit for you. 

Neptonics Wetsuits

The Neptonics Quantum Stealth and Neptonics Stealth Wetsuits offer the full range of wetsuit thicknesses to keep you warm in any temperature water. All of the suits have a loading pad that comes to a 10mm thickness pad on your chest to keep you from betting bruised. Both the Quantum Stealth and Stealth Wetsuits all come with a knife pouch on the leg of the suit, powerhead pocket on the sleeve, and safety whistle integrated into the shoulder of the wetsuit. With thickness options including lycra tops, 1mm, 3mm, 5mm, and 7mm there is a suit to fit any of your diving needs. The 3mm, 5mm, and 7mm suits are all made with Yamamoto 39 open cell neoprene to give you the best warmth, stretch, and durability possible. 

Riffe Covi-Tec Men’s and Women’s Wetsuits

The Riffe Covi-Tec Wetsuits are tried and true suits that have been a favorite among divers for decades. Made out of the same Yamamoto 39 neoprene as the Neptonics Wetsuits they are quality neoprene to ensure you stay warm in the water. These suits are available in 3.5mm and 5.5mm thicknesses for both men and women. The 3.5mm suits are high waisted bottoms. The 5.5mm Riffe suits are a farmer John style bottoms. These suits are open cell to ensure the best heat retention for the diver. All Riffe Wetsuits have abrasion resistant padding on the elbows and knees to help ensure the durability on the suit while hunting on the reef. 

Salvimar Mens and Women’s Suits

We stock the Salvimar N.A.T. suit for men as well as the Salvimar Lady Sea Walker suit for women. Both suits are available in 3.5mm and 5.5mm. The Salvimar N.A.T. suit stands for Natural Advanced Texture to help you blend in better with your surroundings. The Salvimar N.A.T. is a great value for the suit it is. If you are just getting started this is a great suit to get used to diving in. The Salvimar Lady Sea Walker is a great option for a women’s suit. These suits are two-piece, open cell suits to keep you warm in the water. 

Waihana Women’s Suits

Over the years spearfishing has been a male dominated sport, but recently many options for spearfishing oriented wetsuits have been made for women. Waihana has done a great job making suits oriented to women, especially for spearfishing. The Waihana Kajiki Wetsuit was specifically designed with bluewater spearfishing in mind, but has proven itself to be a great suit for all freediving. The light and dark contrast helps to create some of the best open water camouflage on the market. 

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