Spearfishing Rubber & Powerbands

Here at Neptonics we only stock the highest quality of spearfishing rubber & powerbands available, we understand the importance of fresh, high quality rubber, our rubber never sits in our shops for more than 30 days and it is stored in a dark climate-controlled room to keep it at its maximum freshness to keep it snappy making your shafts more accurate! We recommend that you change your speargun bands every 6 months to a year depending on how often you are diving to make sure the rubber has the best performance possible! We understand the expenses of having to replace your rubber and thus have worked with suppliers to get high quality rubber at the best possible price! Not only is our rubber excellently priced but it is available by foot, ensuring you never need to order too much just to get a good rate. We even sell ready to use powerbands to remove the hassle of making them yourself and we sell powerband kits to make the process easier for those of you who do make them!

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