Spearguns and Polespears

Here at Neptonics we produce some of the best spearfishing equipment available. We also work with other manufacturers of high quality spearguns and pole spears like KOAH, Neritic, Rob Allen, Hatch, JBL, Salvimar, Head Hunter, Riffe, and countless other speargun builders to give you a fantastic selection of spearguns and pole spears! We also offer equipment to help improve your existing spearguns to help them perform better. We offer OctoSub Ballast Kits as well as MannySub Roller Conversion Kits to give your Euro Spearguns to the next level.

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Hatch Amero

We stock our own Neptonics Super Amero & Hatch Amero guns which were designed by our very own Jerry Guerra using the finest 100% teak & 100% Neptonics components to ensure the highest quality. We are so confident of our Hatch Amero spearguns that we offer a three year limited warranty on each sale! These spearguns are some of the best on the market. They are streamline and accurate. The Hatch Amero has the streamlined profile of a European style rail speargun, with the accuracy of an enclosed track. We also offer the Hatch Super Amero, the ultimate for bluewater. At 65" in length and powered with four 5/8" power bands this is the best bluewater speargun on the market.

Pole Spears

We are also fortunate to be able to stock our favorite pole spears – the Neritic Big Blue Pole Spear, the HeadHunter Nomads, and the Riffe Aluminator pole spears, amongst others. With the increased popularity of pole spears we choose to stock the best around. Both the Neritic and Head Hunter both have the range and power to land even the largest fish you are hunting. The range of these pole spears is just about equivalent to their length.

Euro Spearguns

And we are very proud to be able to sell the finest Rob Allen, JBL, Red Tide, and Salvimar as European style options. Rob Allen has legendary durability and is one of the best values for the price. They are sturdy and reliable. Rob Allen Spearguns come in nine different length options, so you can be prepared for any type of diving. The JBL Reaper is a great alternative to the Rob Allen. The Red Tide Tournament Series offers a sturdy and effective option, especially for diving in limited visibility. The Salvimar Metal Spearguns are a great option for newer divers. They are ready for a new diver and come equipped with a reel. All of these are great options for the diver on a budget.


We proudly offer Riffe, all of which are high quality and very popular among our customer base! The Riffe Euro series is one of the best freediving spearguns on the market. They are streamline in the water and offer the reliability of all Riffe Spearguns. The Euro series has options in both open and enclosed tracks. We also stock the Riffe Marauder, which is a great bluewater speargun. With the cuttlefish body design it has the mass necessary to absorb the recoil of additional bands. We also have the Riffe Competitor Series or spearguns which are a classic design that has been tried and tested over the past two decades.


We offer several different options of Koah Spearguns. All Koah guns have a beautiful epoxy finish that protects the speargun. We have the Koah Euro Series, which is a great option for freediving. The hear handle design offers the most power for the length of the gun. We also offer the Koah Battle Axe, which is one of the best spearguns designed for scuba divers. With the extended butt stock it allows for easy hip loading. The Battle Axe comes standard with a spare shaft, for quick reloading while free shafting. If you do want to use a line on the Battle Axe there is a removable slide ring that quickly transitions the speargun to a line shaft. The last Koah Speargun Series we stock are the Koah Bluewater Spearguns. These spearguns have the range, power, and mass to handle even the largest bluewater species.

OctoSub Ballast Kits

The OctoSub Ballast kits are a great option to ballast either you wooden or European style guns. These kits give you the opportunity to add mass to your speargun without increasing the density of the speargun. Each OctoSub Ballast kit is neutrally buoyant. Adding mass allows your speargun to accommodate larger amounts of recoil. Basically this is an opportunity to correct a gun that is overpowered for the size.

MannySub Roller Conversion Kits

If you have considered converting either your wooden or European style guns into a rollers this is the best option on the market. These kits are easy to install and allow a speargun to easily increase its range. These kits come in many variations, from single roller, double roller, and inverted roller options. They also have different bearing options for most of the models.


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