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3 Pack Synthetic Muzzle Bungees

Neptonics is your source for your spearfishing gear, and we are very proud to offer our 100% Synthetic Muzzle Bungees. Made from 100% Synthetic Rubber, these bungees will not crack or decay like other muzzle bungees. Ultimately, this is a tremendous financial saving. Additionally, these muzzle bungees have significantly less maintenance requirements which allow you to focus on what is most important… SPEARFISHING
  • Made from 100% non-rotting synthetic rubber, these bungees will not crack or decay
  • Absorbs the impact from when a fish goes on a run or is thrashing
  • Provides tension to keep the shooting line for storage
  • Premium hardware and 680lb spectra core
  • Available in snap swivel or pigtail




Additional information

Weight 5 oz

Blue, Black


Snap Swivel, Corkscrew Swivel