Neptonics AR-15 Mid-Handle Kit - Neptonics
Neptonics AR-15 Mid-Handle Kit

Neptonics AR-15 Mid-Handle Kit

AR Speargun  Mid-Handle kit by Neptonics. The AR-15 Speargun handle offers the top attributes avid speargun builders are looking for. Simply cut your pocket into the barrel of the speargun and slide the pins in from the side.  The Neptonics AR-15 Mid-Handle is created by true spearfishing enthusiasts. Constructed of high-grade aluminum, this handle is a top choice among spearfishing enthusiasts from California to Australia.This speargun kit includes the AR Base and Remote Trigger as well as all the necessary mounting pins.
  • Constructed of high-grade marine aluminum
  • Kit it includes everything you need for this quick and easy upgrade
  • Includes the AR base & all necessary pins and screws
  • Assures that you have a firm grip and a high level of stability
  • Handle can be used with any Neptonics trigger
  • Accepts any AR-15 grip