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At Neptonics, we pride ourselves in providing the highest-quality freediving fins available. Having said that, we recognize that not all divers need or want an expensive, professional-style fins. So, we also offer this fantastic entry-level fin. The foot pockets are made of the same thermoplastic rubber used in high-end foot pockets. These foot pockets are soft for comfort where needed, but stiffer where needed for increased transfer of energy. The blade is made of a highly flexible yet strong polypropylene composite material, designed to maximize thrust and stability. This is no cheap, off-the-shelf fin found at sporting goods stores. These are probably the finest entry-level fins available.
  • Highly versatile long fin for beginners and intermediate free-divers and spearos
  • Fixed-blade model; no moving parts or screws to fail
  • Stabilizers integrated on foot-pocket tips and on the blades
  • The fin’s fishtail shape helps to guide the blade more efficiently in the water
  • Comfortable reactive foot pocket
  • Length of blade: 61cm
  • Weight: 1,100g (43/44)




Additional information

Weight18 oz

SIZE 6-7.5, SIZE 8-9, SIZE 9.5-10, SIZE 10.5-11.5, SIZE 12-12.5