Neptonics Rubber By The Foot
Speargun Rubber By The Foot

Neptonics Rubber By The Foot

  • Neptonics rubber is stored in a dark, climate-controlled room to keep it fresh and snappy
  • Great value on high-quality speargun rubber
  • Our rubber never sits in our shop more than 30 days
  • Guaranteed fresh rubber

Price Per Foot




Additional information

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions N/A
Rubber Options

9/16 (14mm) BLACK Rubber, 9/16 (14mm) BLUE Rubber, 9/16 (14mm) Red, 5/8 (16mm) BLACK Rubber, 5/8 (16mm) GREEN Rubber, 5/8 (16mm) BLUE Rubber, 5/8 (16mm) Red, 3/4 (19mm) BLUE Rubber, 9/16 (14mm) BLACK Small ID, 9/16 (14mm) BLUE Small ID, 9/16 (14mm) ELECTRIC BLUE Small ID, 9/16 (14mm) HOT PINK Small ID, 9/16 (14mm) Hi-Vis ORANGE Small ID, 9/16 (14mm) White Small ID, 5/8 (16mm) BLACK Small ID, 5/8 (16mm) BLUE Small ID, 5/8 (16mm) HOT PINK Small ID, 5/8 (16mm) ELECTRIC BLUE Small ID, 5/8 (16mm) HI-VIS ORANGE Small ID, 5/8 (16mm) White Small ID, 1/2 (13mm) Polespear BLACK Rubber