Neptonics Spearfishing Bungee

Neptonics Spearfishing Bungee

This is the perfect spearfishing bungee for yellowtail, white sea bass, dorado, pargo, amberjacks, wahoo, and cobia. This spearfishing bungee width features a 1600-lb continuous spectra core, stretches to 2x its length. It and provides the perfect amount of shock-absorbing tension to keep the spear shaft from tearing out of your fish. Attaches to your float line and also works great connecting multiple floats together.


The bungee comes in different length options: Six foot and ten foot lengths to allow for more tension for larger fish. You also have the option to add tuna clips to the bungees to allow easy attachment and detachment to floatlines or between floats.


Learn more about the value of a spearfishing bungee by reading this Neptonics Spearfishing Academy post.



Additional information

Weight 5 oz
Bungee Length

6 Foot Bungee, 10 Foot Bungee

Tuna Clips

Add 2 Tuna Clips ($5.00), NO Tuna Clips


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