Completely Custom Shafts
Custom Speargun Shafts1

Completely Custom Shafts

Neptonics is now offering custom made speargun shafts. We machine these shafts every Wednesday and ship them to you on Thursdays.
  • 9/32, 5/16, 11/32 & 3/8 shafts
  • Threaded, Flopper & Double Flopper
  • Rest Tabs Option
  • Neck Down Option
 Advantages of a Necked Down Shaft   Improved hydrodynamics.... By recessing the slidering your shaft gains a 20% increase in hydrodynamics which equals a faster shaft, longer range and a harder punch.
  • Increased Hydrodynamics
  • Faster shaft speed
  • Longer Range
  • Harder Hitting / More Punch

Base Price $79.99


Additional information

Weight20 oz
Rest Tab

No Rest Tab, with Rest Tab