Neptonics Foot Pockets for Freediving

Neptonics Foot Pockets for Freediving

Neptonics Foot Pockets are ultra-lightweight and incredibly durable. Named the "Featherlite" foot pocket, these are one of the few pockets on the market that can be worn without neoprene socks. If the Neptonics foot pocket is the right size for your foot, they will not cut into your feet or give you blisters. One of the best features of the pockets is how durable they are. These pockets put up with years of abuse! 


We designed these Neptonics foot pockets to fit on most freediving fins. They are extremely versatile, while maintaining durability. These pockets are designed to fit almost every composite, fiberglass, and carbon blades. There are sizes ranging from size 2-3 up to size 12-13 in two size increments. so the sizes go as follows: (2-3)/(36-37), (4-5)/(38-39), (6-7)/(40-41), (8-9)/(42-43), (10-11)/(44-45), and (12-13)/(46-47). Sizes are in US mens shoes sizes. The easy conversion for women's size shoes is the difference of two sizes. For example, a women size six shoe is comparable to a mens size four. While neoprene socks are not required to make these fins comfortable, they do help fill in any space that can happen from being in between sizes. 


The Neptonics Foot Pockets Fit:

  • GFT
  • Spearmaster
  • DiveR
  • Omer Carbon Fiber
  • Sporasub
  • Deep Apnea
  • Moana
  • 20 Fathoms
  • Nemo
  • Leader
  • All C4s (not including Mustang)
  • Alchemy
  • Cressi Carbons
  • Penetrator
  • Riffe

Includes 2x foot pockets and 2x hardware kit for mounting your blades


Neptonics Foot Pocket Features:

  • Light Weight
  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Six different size options 
  • Highly interchangeable
  • Compatible with most carbon fiber, composite, and fiberglass fin blades



Additional information

Weight 20 oz
Dimensions 3 × 9 × 18 in
Footpocket Size

38-39, 40-41, 42-43, 44-45, 46-47


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