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Neptonics Heavy Duty Lobster Bag

Secure your lobster catch with this cleverly designed lobster bag. The Heavy Duty Lobster Bag is equipped with an awesome ONE-WAY opening. Once you push the lobster past the integrated One-Way trapdoor, the trapdoor automatically pops back in place, closing the bag and making escape impossible for your lobster. The handle allows for easy attachment to a clip or lanyard. The Heavy Duty Lobster Bag is large enough for a legal limit of lobster and is a must-have for your next hunt. The bag is has built-in drainage in the bottom so the water drains instantly and it is fabricated with a zipper that runs along the side of the bag to easily remove your lobster.

  • Sturdy PVC trapdoor lid makes escape impossible
  • Designed for easy water drainage
  • Zipper runs along the side to easily remove lobsters
  • Easily attached with a clip or lanyard



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Weight 24 oz