KOAH Battle Axe

KOAH Battle Axe

The Ultimate Freeshafting Speargun

The KOAH Battle axe was born from the demand to have a freeshafting speargun with the ability to switch to line shaft instantly. The line actually stays tight to the gun when you switch to the line system. The line stays securely stowed when free shafting. The versatile line system is located completely on the bottom of the gun to stay clear of the optional two spare shafts.

The KOAH Battle Axe Features

The gun has a wide rubber loading butt with integrated shaft holder to make hip loading as easy as possible with the two standard 5/8 bands. A go-pro mount is also installed on every Koah Battle Axe to give you the ability to mount either a go pro camera or the a Q40 light. The Battle Axe comes standard with two shafts (one in the gun itself and the other in the spare shaft holder). 

Battle Axe Construction

The ability to switch quickly and easily between frees-shafting and line shafting makes the KOAH Battle Axe the ultimate scuba speargun. The epoxy finish helps protect the speargun form warping. It also ensures durability and dependability. The enclosed track allows for consistent and accurate shots. It also allows for quick reloading as the shaft is always going to be forced directly to the trigger mechanism. The teak laminated construction makes for a beautiful and functional design. Teak is renowned for its application in the marine world and is the preferred wood for building spearguns.

The band slots on the KOAH Battle Axe allow divers to easily change out the power bands when the time comes. You are able to use several different style of pre-made bands without having to order reusable loops. Having to tie your own bands in not necessary with the Battle Axe.

  • Instantly switches from freeshaft to lineshaft
  • Teak stock
  • Enclosed Track
  • Holds two spare shafts
  • AR-15 interchangeable grip
  • Includes Two Shafts, shaft holder, and GoPro mount
  • Includes GoPro mount/ Flashlight mount
  • Uses two 5/8" speargun bands


Neptonics Load Assist


Neptonics Speargun Band Cover



Additional information

Weight 2 oz

Regular (standard spearguns), Long (bluewater & roller spearguns)


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