Line Cutters
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Line Cutters

There is no scenario scarier than being entangled underwater. As any Navy SEAL will tell you, "one is none and two is one," and that is exactly what this product provides: a safety redundancy. We look at this as a solid backup to your dive knife for cutting lines, reel line, and even kelp. If you are diving in any area where people fish, it is easy to get wrapped up in discarded gear and monofilament. Or perhaps you get tangled up in your reel line and that big white sea bass or tuna is about to drag you to a watery death. It allows for quick cutting without the risk of cutting your yourself or the person you are saving. The Neptonics line cutter is an essential piece of gear that might save you or your dive buddy's life.

  • Made from durable polycarbonic plastic
  • Slim profile for little to no drag in the water
  • Razor-sharp cutting safety blade
  • Easily clips onto weight belt or BCD
  • Quick clip in and out sheath



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Weight 1 oz