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MannySub Double Roller Wooden Kit

The new Mannysub inline offset double roller design is now available for wooden roller guns conversions.

If you have a wooden gun and you would like to give it new life by adding lots of power and accuracy without the harsh recoil, then this kit is for you.

This kit will make it easy to convert any wooden barrel into a powerful blue water gun. The concept derives from the Mannysub double roller bolt on kit design used on rail guns proven to be very accurate, powerful and easy to load.

The simple and effective Mannysub inline offset design allows to drastically reduce the dimensions of the muzzle width compared to side by side or partly offset double roller designs by making this system very low profile and therefore drastically improve maneuverability.

The Mannysub double roller kit allows extremely powerful setups with very low recoil. With 2x14mm rubbers it will launch an 8mm shaft at exceptionally high velocity. With 2x15mm small ID or 2 x16mm progressive rubbers, it will drive an 8.5mm shaft at very high speed on spearguns ranging from 100 to 140 cm. A 7.5mm spear shaft can also be used with reduced pre tension on 14mm rubbers.

The glass bearings are light-weight and low-friction for maximum power transfer. Made from acetal, with encapsulated glass balls to stop sand and salt-water damage, these bearings are virtually maintenance free. They will ensure many years of trouble-free use.

One of the cool new features is the new carbon fibre bridge instead of a stainless bridge. The smooth outside edges of carbon fibre makes the wishbone last much longer and also add a touch of class and contrast to the wood.




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