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Mantis Roller 2
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Mantis Roller Kit

A revolutionary new roller muzzle, allowing for ultimate customization. Capable of shooting a single roller band, or a standard band can be added for even more power and range. Find yourself shooting into a hole, close to the reef, or hunting flatfish on the bottom; unload the roller band to power down and save your shaft.
  • Easy to install on existing gun
  • Second "standard" band hole allows for unlimited customization
  • Power up/down quickly and easily
  • Laser accurate on any length railgun
  • Works best with Neptonics 5/8 (16mm) bands
  • Faster reloading time
  • Increased range and a punching power
  • Compatible with Euro/Railguns from:
    • Rob Allen, Pathos, Picasso, Cressi, Mares, Salvimar, JBL Reaper



Complete Band Kit


Roller Band, Kicker Band & Anchor



Additional information

Band kit for a:

70cm Speargun, 80cm Speargun, 90cm Speargun, 100cm Speargun, 110cm Speargun, 120cm Speargun, 130cm Speargun, 140cm Speargun, 150cm Speargun

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