Neptonics Double Roller Speargun

Neptonics Double Roller Speargun

Designed by Josh Gregory and tested by some of the worlds best divers, the Neptonics Double Roller is the newest innovation in spearfishing from Neptonics. 

The 48" Double Roller

The 48-inch Neptonics Double Roller packs a punch with two 16mm power bands pre-tensioned to 30 lbs and is capable of firing a 55 in 5/16th shaft 34 ft, while the 54-inch model fires a 60 in 5/16th shaft.  This gun brings simplicity to roller guns and uses 100% Neptonics American made components.


Perfectly ballasted, each gun is individually ballasted in our Salt Water testing tank located in Santa Cruz California and then pressure soaked in Teak Oil for 4 days.  Made from 100% Teak our team of divers have used this speargun to take down Bluefin Tuna, Marlin, Gulf Grouper,  White Sea Bass, Yellowtail, Black Grouper and many other trophy fish. 

  • 100% Teak & 100% Neptonics components for a lifetime of use
  • Comes fully rigged and ready to shoot
  • Neptonics Elite handle
  • Neptonics auto-resetting reverse mech
  • Oiled finish for easy maintenance
  • Features Neptonics Muzzle Bungee
  • Fully ballasted and balanced and zero recoil
  • 3x wraps of 300lbs mono
  • 5/16" (8mm) American shaft
  • 2 x 5/8" (16mm) power bands

Pete Correale: "Roller guns offer so many advantages to most conventional guns, more versatile and easier to travel with, coupled with accuracy and low recoil, they have become my exclusive choice of equipment. The first roller that I ever shot was the Neptonics double roller, which is perfect for both blue water and the reef. Its design is beefy and durable, and the mid-handle set up makes it easy to swing in tide.  From Marlin to Grouper, it's a great gun to scale down your quiver with."

See the Neptonics Double Roller in action in this video. For more information on why the Double roller is the right choice for you check out this article.



Additional information

Weight 129 oz

48 Inches, 54 Inches

Shaft Style

Flopper, Threaded (plus Slip Tip)


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