Neptonics Freediving Fins

Neptonics Freediving Fins

The Neptonics Plastic Freediving Fins are great introductory spearfishing fin. The tough, durable, plastic blades are combined with our famous and very comfortable Featherlite foot pockets. Made to last, these fins are the perfect fins for the beginner Freedivers, or the diver on a budget. These plastic fins are perfect for the Freedivers on a budget. They are a great value for Freedivers or scuba divers that are looking for a little extra speed than normal scuba fins.


One of the great thing about the Neptonics Plastic Freediving Fins is the foot pockets are removable and interchangeable! This is so you can easily swap out the existing plastic blades for composite or carbon blades when you are ready to upgrade. The blades and pockets are angled so you have more water contact when swimming on the surface. That means you are more efficient in the water, and don't splash on the surface as much. Being stealthy on the surface makes a big difference when hunting fish in shallow water. 


These freediving fins also make for a great spare set of fins to keep on the boat or in the dive bag. You never know when you are going to your spot when a gust of wind may take your primary fins off the boat, or a rough wave kick a fin off your kayak. Having a spare pair of fins can be the difference between a ruined day of diving and filling the cooler or catching dinner. Get your pair of Neptonics Freediving Fins today!


Neptonics Freediving Fins Features:

  • Angled Blade for increased surface efficiency
  • Interchangeable pockets
  • Very Comfortable Featherlite Foot Pockets
  • Tough and durable plastic blades

We also sell these fins individually. If you ever lose a fin just give us a call.


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Additional information

Weight 2 oz

MED (size 6-9.5), LARGE (size 10-13)


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