Octosub Speargun Ballast Kit
Ballast Kit Large Jpeg
Ballast Kit Large Jpeg
Ballast Kit Small
Ballast Kit Small
Lage Ballast Rear
Large Ballast Kit Front
Small Ballast Kit Front
Small Ballast Rear
Igf 400t
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Octosub Speargun Ballast Kit

The Octosub Ballast Kit Corrector is designed for wooden spearguns. The ballast kits have been developed to give you additional mass without making your speargun negatively buoyant in the water. This is a great way to add more power to your speargun and still managing recoil. Managing the recoil is very important to taking accurate shot with a potentially over powered speargun. There are several different options for both wooden spearguns as well are euro style spearguns.


The small ballast kit is designed for 1-2 band spearguns. These can be used as a way to raise the bands and give a more level trajectory of the spear shaft. The speargun's muzzle has less rise because of the increased water resistance. They are easily installed and are hydrodynamic. This kit is designed to be installed onto a wooden speargun.


The large ballast kit is designed for 3-5 band spearguns. The large kit works on the same concept of the small kit. It works because of the increased size. The kit just works on a larger scale. It can be installed anywhere along the sides of the speargun to work where it will be most useful. It can also be used with the small kit to add more ballast. This kit can only be used on wooden spearguns.


The Euro Speargun Kit fits 29.5 mm barrels. It can be easily installed by temporarily removing the muzzle or handle of a euro style speargun. You then reattach the removed piece and secure the kit at the back or the tube. This is done with a set screw behind the plug that keep the tube sealed and buoyant.


Ballast Kit Features:

  • 1-2 bands (small kit)
  • 3-5 bands (large kit)
  • Can be used separately
  • All ballast are 1'' tall or 25mm
  • Euro Gun fits 29.5mm barrel (Rob Allen, Pathos, JBL Reaper)

For more information about these kits check out this post.






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Small Ballast Kit, Large Ballast Kit, Small Ballast Front, Large Ballast Front, Small Ballast Rear, Large Ballast Rear, Euro Gun Ballast Kit (29.5mm OD Barrel Rob Allen)