Omna Marine Tourniquet
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Omna Marine Tourniquet



The Omna Marine Tourniquet is a product that we hope you will never need! Providing unparalleled versatility to wear or carry this tourniquet in the water, or on land for any activity or profession. Lightweight, rugged, compact, and increased comfort during Tourniquet application make this the preferred tourniquet for water sports, freediving, scuba diving, sea rescue, boating, or any other maritime profession or activity. It is constructed with corrosion resistant parts and non slip coating to ensure longevity even through exposure to the marine environment multiple times. There are few things worse than reaching for safety equipment you need only to find the ocean has destroyed it. Make sure you are safe from that with the Omna Marine Tourniquet.


This Marine Tourniquet was developed by Omna based on a surfing leg strap. The ratcheting system guarantees a tight fit around any extremity that may need the tourniquet. This is easily one of the most valuable pieces of equipment to keep in a first aid bag for water sports. This tourniquet can even be applied with just one hand. This is accomplished with the modular bite strap. Being able to apply the Omna Marine Tourniquet one handed means this is perfect for self aid. The easy to read instructions on the device make simple to use, even without proper training. It is a good idea to receive proper first aid training though. Get your Omna Tourniquet today!


Omna Features:

  • Lightweight, Marine Durable, Compact 
  • Marine Grade Tourniquet 
  • Self-Locking Marine Ratcheting Surf Buckle System
  • Non-Slip, Marine Materials, Made for Repetitive Ocean Exposure & Training
  • Modular Bite-Strap to Aid 1-Handed Application
  • Instructions For Use On Device; Place To Record TQ Application Time
  • Superior Corrosion Resistance & Superior Tourniquet Performance
  • Marine Ratcheting Buckle Max Load 550 lbs (250 Kgs)



Additional information

Weight 12 oz
Dimensions 6 × 2 × .25 in