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Neptonics Powerband Elevators
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Neptonics Powerband Elevators

FEEDBACK FROM A HAPPY CUSTOMER: Ok, I am amazed with Neptonics' elevators. This is the smallest, most effective wing you could ever fit on a gun. It's clear Josh has put in lots of effort and testing to reach this design. The curves, the tapering the width are not just for looks, each element actually delivers and helps achieve the objective. The bands align magically-all 3x 5/8 bands. I went diving today. Loading was effortless and the gun aligned and shot perfectly. I would recommend these elevators. THANKS JAMIL
  • Easily attach to the wooden speargun
  • Increases accuracy by reducing muzzle jump
  • Maximizes the bands by redirecting force 100% forward
  • Includes stainless steal screws




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Weight 1 oz

Red, Black, Green