Redtide Floatlines

Redtide Floatlines

Our redtide spearfishing floatlines are super strong and slide through the water with almost zero drag. They come standard with a heavy-duty swivel on one end and a tuna clip on the other end. These speargun floatlines are cored with super-strong spectra parachute cordage and have been proven over time to be the best value for a spearfishing floatline. We have been crushing tuna, wahoo, doggies, and other great fish around the world with these floatlines. Choose from 10-meter, 20-meter, and 30-meter sizes.

Floatlines provide the link between your speargun and your spearfishing float. Once you spear a fish, the fish will fight the floatline and the float. This gives you a chance to head to the surface and take a deep breath while the float and floatline tires the fish and marks the spot they decide to hide in. A spearfishing floatline and a float make it easy for others to spot your location. It's very easy for your boat captain to keep a good eye on several spearfishermen at once.


  • 80 lbs of pressure at 150% stretch to help you land fish and reduce shaft tearouts
  • Best-priced quality floatline on the internet
  • Made from UV-stable semi-transparent red tubing
  • These floatlines are very visible from the surface and to passing boats
  • Features a 400-lb core, stainless steel plugs, and hardware 


If you're looking for stealth underwater, red is a great color because it is very visible on top to other boats and red is the first color spectrum to disappear (turn gray) under water.

DISCLAIMER:  This product does not integrate with the Neptonics Floatline Clutch.



Additional information

Weight 12 oz
Floatline Length

33' (10m), 66' (20m), 100' (30m)


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