Riffe Stable Snorkel
Sn 020
Sn 020
Snorkel Keeper Stable
Sn 020 Resp
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Riffe Stable Snorkel S

Riffe Stable Snorkel

The Riffe Stable Snorkel is a great snorkel with many well-designed features. The tube profile has a hydrodynamic shape to cut through the water. The top of the snorkel faces away from oncoming waves and is shielded to keep water out. Very comfortable mouthpiece. Great design eliminates snorkel vibration when diving.

  • Low profile and sleek design eliminating drag
  • Keeps mouth dry and salt-free
  • Hooded drop prevents water spray from filling snorkel
  • Hinged snorkel keeper for easy attaching to mask
  • Comfortable mouthpiece
  • Purge on bottom for easy clearing



Additional information

Weight 7 oz
Stabel Snorkel

Riffe Stable Snorkel, Replacement Mouthpiece, Purge Valve Kit