Riffe Women’s Wetsuit | DIGI-TEK
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Riffe Women’s Wetsuit | DIGI-TEK

RIFFE’s signature DIGI-TEK© digital camo adorns a form fitting cut designed specifically to address the needs of women divers. Constructed from the same high quality Yamamoto Neoprene and materials RIFFE is known for, the Women's Digi-tek© 3.5mm & 5.5mm 2 pc full wetsuit has you covered in all the right places.

High Quality Construction

The Riffe Women's Wetsuit in Digi-Tec is made with the highest quality neoprene: Yamamoto 39. This gives the highest warmth to thickness ratio, while maintaining stretchiness and durability. In the off chance the suit is damaged, it is easily repaired with wetsuit glue. This neoprene is then bonded with Riffe's tried and true Digi-Tec pattern, which has been tested all over the world. The stitching on these suits are both glued and blind stitched to ensure the suit lasts.

Riffe Women's Wetsuit Features

The Riffe Women's Wetsuit comes in 3.5mm and 5.5mm thickness options. The hood, wrists and ankles all have seals to help prevent water intrusion, and keep you warmer in the water for longer. The vented hood allows for easier equalization at depth. The abrasion resistant knee and elbow padding helps keep the wetsuit from getting torn up in even the most harsh dive environments. Additionally these suits come with a slip resistant loading pad, to help assist the diver from getting bruises from repeatedly loading their speargun.

  • Available in 3.5mm & 5.5mm
  • Japanese Yamamoto 100% CR (Chloroprene) Neoprene (Grade 39) eco-friendly limestone based – open cell
  • Digi-tek© camo is proven to blend into most ocean environments
  • Glued & blind stitched seams
  • Form fitting women's cut, lightweight, ultra-flexible
  • Excellent heat retention and quick drying
  • Face, wrist and ankle seals prevent water entry
  • Non-binding wrist/ankle seams for more flexibility
  • Slip resistant, cushioned loading chest pad
  • Abrasion resistant high-density Polyurethane screened 
  • knee and elbow protection.
  • Vented hood promotes excess air release 

Sizes: S-XL 

* Sold as sets

Available in 3.5mm & 5.mm thickness



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Weight 6 oz

AquaSeal + Neo, AquaSeal + FD