Salvimar Knives
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Salvimar Knives

All of the Salvimar Knives are the perfect addition to the dive bag, or specifically the dive belt. Each of these knives have valuable features that make them the perfect dive knife. The different models may have a different feature that makes them better for you than the others, but you cannot miss on these great knives. One thing they all have in common is the high quality sheath that makes it almost impossible to loose your dive knife. The bomb and grove system, on the sheath and knife handle respectively, make this knife impossible to loose if it is in the sheath properly.


Salvimar Knives come in three different style options. The Salvimar Atlantis is a sleek design with a rubber loop on the handle. The handle allows for one handed use while being able to use the fingers on your knife hand for other important tasks. On the back of the Atlantis's handle there is a shaft torque slot that helps a diver retrieve stuck spear shafts by giving you a better grip on the shaft. The Salvimar Goeman knife has a more stout blade and handle, and has another version of the shaft torque slot on the handle. The Aris knife is designed with an extended blade, perfect for dispatching large fish.


We really love these low-profile Salvimar knives. Their slim design and sheath-locking mechanism makes them really easy to use and dive with. The deadly sharp blades does a fantastic job of putting your fish to sleep.

Features of Salvimar Knives:

  • Slim design makes it perfect for mounting on wrist, arm, or weight belt
  • Stiletto blade with smooth and serrated edges (shark tooth)
  • Sturdy quick clip in-and-out sheath
  • Equipped with a Notch to Assist
  • Extremely durable knives

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Weight 2 oz

Atlantis, Atlantis Blue, Atlantis Red, Goeman, Goeman Acid Green, Ares