Neptonics Spearfishing Rubber By The Foot

Neptonics Spearfishing Rubber By The Foot

Here at Neptonics we pride ourselves in having a wide variety of different spearfishing rubber available for any of your spearfishing needs. We have everything from 1/2" pole spear rubber up through 3/4" extra thick band rubber for divers that want that extra punch!  All of our bands are built to order, so we go through lots of rubber. We guarantee our spearfishing rubber is fresh, giving you the longest lasting rubber possible! Get the highest quality band material possible today, here at Neptonics!

We have several different color and thickness options available. Customize you speargun with the color scheme you want to help make your speargun distinct on the boat! With thickness options including 1/2" pole spear rubber, 9/16" (14mm) in both regular internal diameter and small internal diameter, 5/8" (16mm) in both regular internal diameter, and 3/4" band material available there is the spearfishing rubber you need available right here!

Because of the quantity of rubber we sell we can guarantee that the spearfishing rubber you are ordering is fresh. Fresh rubber ensures the longest life possible for the bands you will be making. We keep all of our rubber in a climate controlled space away from sunlight or damaging chemicals. Have the best experience possible with your band material!

Tt learn how to tie your own bands please read How To Tie Speargun Bands on the Neptonics Spearfishing Academy. You can also watch our video on how to tie bands.

Neptonics Spearfishing Rubber Features:

  • Neptonics spearfishing rubber is stored in a dark, climate-controlled room to keep it fresh and snappy
  • Great value on high-quality speargun rubber
  • Our rubber never sits in our shop more than 30 days
  • Guaranteed fresh rubber

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Weight 1 oz
Dimensions N/A
Rubber Options

9/16 (14mm) BLACK Rubber, 9/16 (14mm) BLUE Rubber, 9/16 (14mm) Red, 5/8 (16mm) BLACK Rubber, 5/8 (16mm) GREEN Rubber, 5/8 (16mm) BLUE Rubber, 5/8 (16mm) Red, 3/4 (19mm) BLUE Rubber, 9/16 (14mm) BLACK Small ID, 9/16 (14mm) BLUE Small ID, 9/16 (14mm) ELECTRIC BLUE Small ID, 9/16 (14mm) HOT PINK Small ID, 9/16 (14mm) Hi-Vis ORANGE Small ID, 9/16 (14mm) White Small ID, 5/8 (16mm) BLACK Small ID, 5/8 (16mm) BLUE Small ID, 5/8 (16mm) HOT PINK Small ID, 5/8 (16mm) ELECTRIC BLUE Small ID, 5/8 (16mm) HI-VIS ORANGE Small ID, 5/8 (16mm) White Small ID, 1/2 (13mm) Polespear BLACK Rubber


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