Ulusub Underwater Fishing Apparatus (UFA)

Ulusub Underwater Fishing Apparatus (UFA)

The Ulusub Underwater Fishing Apparatus (UFA) will increase your ability to bring home dinners.  Target fast moving fish in the chum line like Smaller Yellowfin, Rainbow Runners, Amberjacks, Snapper; drop down a bait to 150’ for bottom fish; use Sabiki Rigs to pull in fresh baitfish while diving.  Advantages of using the UFA include attracting larger predator fish, such as Wahoo, as you are reeling in a fish. The UFA is designed similar to a fishing rod in that you place the butt in your stomach area to reel in fish.  These devices are overbuilt for underwater fishing so that they are bombproof and will handle even 50# Yellowfin. Each UFA comes with an Ulusub BW Reel spooled with 300’ of 2mm 500# Braided Dacron Backing. The user can topshot with 20-50’ of Fluorocarbon with a breaking strength and hook size to match your target. Typically 40-50# Fluorocarbon topshot for 20# Yellowfin is used.

*Flourocarbon, mono and hooks not included.



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