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ADD Neptonics Floatline Clutch

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Most likely the most notable advancement in spearfishing gear this century, the floatline clutch from Neptonic Systems is an amazing piece of equipment. It speeds the recovery of your fish as well as allows you to adjust the length of your floatline. The floatline clutch makes the process of catching large fish safer and more efficient. INCLUDES INSTALL The floatline clutch autolocks the float in place as you retrieve your fish, preventing them from taking back all your line when they do a second run. It automatically locks the instant the fish puts pressure on the clutch. It can also be used to adjust the length of your floatline. When you are diving a shallow reef you can move your float to any position on your float line. Let’s say you have a 100' floatline. If you are diving a 40' reef you can adjust the placement of the float so it sits at 40'. If a fish is shot, the clutch will prevent the fish from taking your 100' line into 100' of water. This piece is a spearo’s must-have.

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