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Flasher Float

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The flasher float is the perfect float for traveling and hunting in blue water with lighter-weight ladder and cork-screw flashers. We also like this flasher because of its small volume. It is much easier to dive down with and allows your flasher to reach deeper depths, then upon releasing the flasher, it calls the fish up to your depth, making for easier targets. This strategy works extremely well with curious fish like amberacks, cobia, and yellowtail.

The flasher float is shaped with a central waist and leg-like handles for easy winding of the 10m of black mono included. Compact 34cm-long, lightweight size, is great for traveling and smaller flashers. It is the perfect spearfishing accessory for those remote bluewater spearfishing trips where every inch of space is critical.

The outside of the flasher float is made of heavy-duty, bright orange, PVC fabric with an internal foam-molded solid center. This construction ensures durability. It has a bungee loop for retaining line and flasher components. Black neck end can have a flag pole and flag fitted if desired. A swiveled stainless steel coast lock snap on the end of the heavy-duty black mono line is included to attach to your flasher rig.

Flasher Float Features:

  • Compact

  • Lower volume makes it perfect for travel and depth launching the flasher float

  • Bright orange color for high visibility

  • Made of tough PVC vinyl

  • Webbing loops front and back

  • Stainless clip

To learn more about how useful flasher floats are please read this blog post. If you are interested in the essentials of bluewater spearfishing you should read this post as well.

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