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GoPro Speargun Mount Wooden Guns

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High-Quality GoPro Speargun Mounts

The Neptonics GoPro Wooden Speargun Mount was designed to fit almost all wooden spearguns on the market. It can be mounted on the existing trigger without drilling new holes into your speargun. We did this by utilizing the speargun's pre-existing trigger holes to mount the bracket.
  • Made from a solid piece of stainless steel
  • Mounting screws included
  • No drilling or modifications to gun required
  • Keeps the camera's view on the fish or the diver's face
  • Works with Neptonics Trigger: Tuna Mech, Reverse Mech & Reef Mech
  • Seamlessly integrates with the following spearguns:

    • Riffe, Ulusub, Deathstick, Novotny, Koah, Captain Bly Spearguns, Blacktip, Bonafide, Flatline, Hatch, Medusa, Hayaari Sub, Orion, Impaler, Epic Spearguns, Signal7 Spearguns, ShoreShot, SF Spearguns, Spartan Spearguns, Gulfcoastin' Spearguns, Kill Shot Spearguns, Blood Spearguns, Thunder Coast Spearguns, and any speargun that uses a Neptonics Trigger Mechanism
The GoPro Speargun Mount is the Neptonics solution to the perfect camera mount to your speargun. With the ability to easily adjust the camera angle you can have the camera pointed at the diver, or the end of the speargun. Make sure you catch every priceless moment of your hunt with the Neptonics GoPro Speargun Mount. Theeasy installation makes these GoPro Speargun Mounts one of the easiest additions to a wooden speargun. The installation screws come with the mount to switch out the trigger mechanism's original retaining screws. You just need to punch out the retaining screws and replace them with the included hardware. The solid stainless steel construction means that this mount is sturdy and unlikely to rust.


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