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Hammerhead MV3 Action GoPro Mask

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The Hammerhead MV3 Action GoPro Mask, Two Lens is designed with a low internal volume that’s suitable for freediving and spearfishing, with a black silicone mask skirt to help block out unwanted light. With a built-in GoPro Mount on the mask frame, the Hammerhead MV3 Action Mask allows you to shoot everything—fish and video.

The Hammerhead MV3 Action GoPro Mask is not just some mask fitted with a GoPro mount. This mask is a great freediving and spearfishing mask in its own right, even without the integrated camera mount. The low volume mask makes for easy and efficient mask clearing. The low volume helps improve a diver's point of view and peripheral vision. This is due to the lenses being closer to the diver face. that means you see more fish, and you are able to film while you are spearfishing. This mask gives the opportunity for a diver to get perfect point of view recording during their dives.

This mask is built to last. The matte black silicone skirt is comfortable, and does not yellow with age, like clear mask skirts. The tempered glass lenses prevent the mask lenses from getting scratched or damaged. The tempered glass lenses of the Hammerhead MV3 Action GoPro Mask are easily defogged and maintained. The mask is also very comfortable. Get your perfect mask for all your video and diving needs. Get your perfect mask today!

Hammerhead MV3 Action GoPro Mask Features:

    • Low volume design
    • Matte silicone mask skirt
    • Optical grade tempered glass lenses
    • Built-in GoPro mount
    • Note: GoPro not included
    • Tempered Glass lenses
To read more about how great this mask is please read this blog post in the Neptonics Spearfishing Academy. To learn how to properly defog you new mask read this instructional blog post on how to defer your mask.

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