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Headhunter Predator Pole Spear

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$7.00 - $450.00
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The Predator pole spear is one of Headhunter's first products. The Predator combines innovative designs with high-quality materials to create one of the fastest and most durable pole spears on the market. This is the perfect bluewater spearfishing pole spear. It has the speed and power to penetrate those quick moving pelagic species. It is also light and maneuverable enough for spearing the reef.

The Predator is a two piece, heavy duty pole spear. It comes with a strong composite back half that is more durable and lighter than aluminum. This composite rear section gives the speargun the strength and momentum to power through those big fish. The front section is made of stiff carbon fiber and 316 stainless steel connections for added rigidity. The front section keep the pole spear maneuverable and fast. The combo of this maneuverable and fast front with the mass in the rear section results in high penetration and power.

The Headhunter Predator pole spear comes ready to shoot. It is available in both traditional and roller options. The traditional pole spear is simple and effective. The roller option gives you just a little more penetration on those further shots with the pole spear. You can learn more about the differences between traditional and roller pole spears here. Both are great options for putting fish on the boat! Get your Headhunter Predator Pole Spear today!

The Headhunter Predator includes the following:

  • 2 pc Pole Spear

  • Injector Rod

  • Cable Showstopper Slip Tip

  • Rubber Band

  • Retaining Band Kit

  • Stainless Steel Hardware

Headhunter Preditor Dimensions:

  • Total Length = 9 Ft

  • Rear length = 62 inches

  • Front length = 51 inches

  • Diameter = ½ inch

  • Weight = 1 lb. 11 oz.

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