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HuntMaster Burley Belts

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Made from supple, stretchy and high-quality, durable silicone the Hunt Master BURLEY Diving Belt is a unique weight belt design based on over 30 years of diving experience. It is one of our biggest-selling products and is appreciated by spearos, freedivers and even SCUBA divers for its amazing features...

  • Silicone material - resistant to U.V, saltwater and more supple than rubber.
  • The ribbed design prevents weights from slipping and moving.
  • Integrated D-Ring allows you to clip your gun directly to the belt.
  • At 160cm long, the belt can accommodate larger divers, but is easily trimmed to size for smaller frames.
  • 12 holes to fit most waist sizes. New holes can be easily drilled.
  • Unique safety buckle with a spring-release prong.
  • Multiple amazing colours for every wetsuit style and personal taste!

The amazing silicone Hunt Master BURLEY Belt is ribbed on the inside of the belt to stop weights from moving whilst diving and to stop the belt from slipping around the waist.

As all divers know, correct and precise placement of weights on the belt helps with the pitch and roll of the hunter whilst diving and at the surface. The innovative ribbed design of this belt 'locks' weights into place, avoiding the need for cumbersome D rings to help with this, and the design works with a broad selection and styles of weights.

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