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Hyperflex Playa Diving Jacket HZ

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Hyperflex “PLAYA” The Playa HZ (HARNESS ZIP) is a 2mm Neoprene diving jacket. As the name “Playa” (Beach) suggests, these are meant for after, before, and in between water use.

It is cut exactly like a “hoodie” sweatshirt. Oversized and warm, it features a hollow fiber lining and skin exterior. It holds virtually no water at all, so it is windproof and waterproof against the elements. This diving jacket is perfect for surfing, kite, windsurfing kayak, fishing, dive boats, swim teams, etc. These are designed to fit over wetsuits or they can be worn alone. They will work for virtually any application for almost any watersport or water activity. These are perfect for before/after sessions, during contests or events, driving, etc. Make sure you can stay warm between and after dives with the HyperFlex Playa Diving Jacket. There are few things worse than getting cold because it is so hard to get warm again while you are out diving.

This jacket was originally designed for kite surfing so it has some features for that sport specifically. The Playa HZ features a new mini front zipper that can be used with your spreader bar hook for kite surfing. Now you can wear the Playa over your harness while teaching kiteboarding/windsurfing or even while riding for extra warmth.

Hyperflex Playa Diving Jacket HZ Features:

  • 2mm Thickness to Keep you Warm Between Dives

  • Hollow Fiber Lining for Insulation

  • WindProof and WaterProof

  • Fit Easily Over a Wetsuit

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