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Koah Bluewater Gun

by Koah
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The New KOAH BLUEWATER GUN is built for power. This speargun now has a 30% wider body with aggressive front and waist taper. The larger body accommodates more power and the mass is large enough to prevent recoil. This larger body is critical to bluewater spearfishing.

Internal ballasting on the Koah Bluewater speargun paired with the new VBS (VARIABLE BALLAST SYSTEM) allow you to adjust the ballast. The variable ballast system allows for the perfect ballast to counter act recoil and achieve your level of stock balance. Customize your speargun to exactly how you like it in the water. Small adjustments can make a big difference in how your Koah Bluewater speargun performs in the water. Make sure you have the optimal bassasting to track effectively in the water and absorb recoil.

The Koah handle gives a great ergonomic grip to give you a great shooting grip on your speargun. The Koah bluewater speargun is 67 inches overall length. The speargun comes standard with a 5/16" shaft, and four (4) 5/8" power bands and standard break away. The 5/8" power bands insure you have the power and range needed to punch though even the toughest bluewater fish. The poured epoxy enclosed track ensures accuracy on such a powerful and long speargun. Having an enclosed track is critical on these types of spearguns to prevent shaft whip and get an accurate shot on pelagic fish species.

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