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Lobster Bag | Heavy-Duty Lobster Bag

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Heavy-Duty Lobster Bags for Large Lobsters

Secure your lobster catch with this cleverly designed lobster bag. The Heavy-Duty Lobster Bag is equipped with an awesome ONE-WAY opening. Once you push the lobster past the integrated One-Way trapdoor, the trapdoor automatically pops back in place, closing the bag and making escape impossible for your lobster. This bag has a wide mouth that accepts large lobsters without issue. The durability and functionality of this catch bag make this piece of equipment an easy choice for divers going after lobsters.

The Stainless Steel ring allows for easy attachment to a clip or lanyard. Customize how you want to secure this sturdy catch bag. The Heavy-Duty Lobster Bag is large enough for a legal limit of lobster and is a must-have for your next hunt. The bag is has built-in drainage through the mesh in the bottom so the water drains instantly. The catch bag is fabricated with an easy to use zipper that runs along the side of the bag to easily remove your lobster once you are out of the water. The top of the catch bag is made of heavy duty nylon to help reduce tangles from all of the lobster's spines.

Make your next lobster hunt go smoothly with this easy to use catch bag! Combined with a lobster snare, these catch bags almost make your hunt unfair to the lobster. Order yours today!

Heavy-Duty Lobster Bag Features Include:

  • Sturdy PVC trapdoor lid makes a lobster's escape impossible

  • Designed for easy water drainage

  • Zipper runs along the side to easily remove lobsters on land

  • Stainless Steel Ring easily attaches to a clip or lanyard

  • Easy to use and durable for rough use

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