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MyMedic Bleed Stopper With Rapid Tourniquet

by MyMedic
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The Bleed Stopper ™ MedPack™ is your all-in-one First Aid solution that has everything you need, including a tourniquet, to handle the most severe bleeding injuries (hemorrhage) no matter how large or life threatening. It's everything you need and nothing you don't. Make sure you are prepared for even the worst case scenario.

MedPacks™ was created to make First Aid simple for you. Now you can be confident that you're prepared with exactly what you need, when you need it, for any injury or activity because too often help is further than you think. So grab yours today and... Stay Alive! The Bleed Stopper kit is the best first aid kit available to deal with major bleeding accidents. Be prepared for the worst and plan for the best with this kit. Given the remote nature of spearfishing and the inherent risks of diving having a Blood Stopper Kit with Rapid Tourniquet is critical.

Read more about why you need this kit in the Neptonics Spearfishing Academy Post on Basic First Aid for spearfishing. Always be prepared. Sharks, boat props, and any number of other issues can make one of these MyMedic Bleed Stopper Kits with Rapid Tourniquet can be very important to have available. This kit comes in a sealed bag to ensure these tools are ready for use and are not harmed by the aquatic environment. Additionally every piece of equipment in the bag is sealed in its own packaging to keep everything pristine if you do not need all of the contents of the kit. That makes this kit a great permanent addition to your boat or dive bag. Get your kit today to keep you and your dive buddies safe this dive season!

MyMedic Bleed Stopper Kit With Rapid Tourniquet Contents:

  • Tourniquet

  • Quik Clot Gauze

  • Emergency Pressure Bandage

  • 6" Chest Seal

  • Gloves

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